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Holy Family Church, Reineh

The Rev'd Hanna Dally

Email Address:
Mobile: + 972 (0)54 336 6141
Tel no.: + 972 4 656 6177
Fax no.: + 972 4 657 5741
Postal address: P.O. Box 520, Reineh 16940, Israel
Our ministry in Raineh, in Northern Israel.
MINISTRY: Three circles of ministry include parish ministry of faith empowerment, Christian education and ethics, and faith community building; ecumenical ministry focused on relationships and understanding with other Christian churches; interfaith ministry which focuses on bridging the gaps between people of the three Abrahamic faiths, including hosting the Kids for Peace program with summer camps of children from different faiths.
VISION: To build a specialized High School providing training for local children in Science and Technology; start a women’s catering project to equip women with a means to help support their families; start a Young Journalists Program to foster expression and learning; increase the scholarship program which assists young people with the costs of higher education.

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