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Service Times

Please find below the standard schedule of Cathedral Services. From time to time changes may occur. To avoid disappointment, please email if you wish to attend a specific service or arrange a group visit.

An updated list of services can be found on the notice boards at the entrance to the Cathedral and in the St George’s Pilgrim Guesthouse.



A Welcome for Pilgrim Groups

St. George’s Cathedral


We welcome all groups who wish to attend a service at St. George’s Cathedral during their Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In order that we can be prepared for their arrival, we should be most grateful if tour companies and leaders of Pilgrimage Groups could please inform the Cathedral of their attendance and the number of people in the group by contacting us at


Thank You





THE CATHEDRAL OF ST.GEORGe the martyr- Jerusalem

Sunday, April 9th                                      Palm Sunday                                                          

08:00                                                     Holy Eucharist (E)                                    

10:30                                                      Holy Eucharist (A&E)     

                                                             Procession begins outside St. George's College

18:00                                                      Solemn Evensong    (E)

Monday, April 10th  

07:00                                                       Holy Eucharist (E)                                                  

18:00                                                       Evening Prayer (E) 

Tuesday, April 11th  

07:00                                                       Holy Eucharist (E)                                                  

18:00                                                       Evening Prayer (E) 

Wednesday, April 12th  

07:00                                                       Holy Eucharist (E)                                                  

18:00                                                       Evening Prayer (E)                 

Thursday, April 13th                                  Maundy Thursday

07:00                                                       Holy Eucharist (E)                                  

11:00                                                       Chrism Mass (A&E)                                               

18:00                                                       Holy Eucharist (A&E)   followed by                                        

                                                              Procession to the Garden of Gethsemane

Friday, April 14th                                       Good Friday

06:00                                                       Way of the Cross (A&E&G) Ecumenical Procession 

                                                              Meet at the Cathedral

                                                              or at 06:30 at the 1st Station (The Old City)

12:00 Noon                                               Liturgy of Good Friday (A&E)               

Saturday, April 15th                                     Holy Saturday

09:00                                                       Morning Prayer (E)                                 

20:00                                                       Easter Vigil      (E)                                         

Sunday, April 16th                                      Easter Day            

08:00                                                       Holy Eucharist (E)                                  

10:30                                                       Holy Eucharist (A&E)                            

18:00                                                       Solemn Evensong (E)             





9:30 am   Holy Eucharist (Arabic/English)

11:15 am     Holy Eucharist (English)

18:00 pm   Evensong


Week days Monday - Friday

07:00 am    Holy Eucharist

18:00 pm    Evening Prayer




12:00 pm     Holy Eucharist

18:00 pm     Evening Prayer








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